Sunday, 29 April 2007

Puppies and Dylan training!

This afternoon Dylan and I went to visit Lesley in Romsey and we had great fun. First off we photographed Beanies NINE puppies, who are all so cute. These pups will be half sisters to Fizzy and mum Beanie is doing a really great job with them. It was tricky to keep Dylan amused as he thought that he would like to play WITH the whelping box, however Beanie was very good and we let Dylan play at trying to get in the washing machine which kept him amused for ages.

Here's a picture of the puppies piled up together

Afterwards we went out to do some training, both Dot and Tig were really good and i have lots of things to work on this week. Dylan slept in his pushchair to start with but when he woke up he was bored and wanted out to play. Because he is used to us training at home he amuses himself generally by trying to climb the equipment, fortunately he hasn't worked out any of the big stuff yet! He occupied himself with the cavalletti jumps for a while and he worked out he could push them over and make them lower, so he could climb over them. This resulted in a great photo opportunity!

Training a send away 'Nedlo style!'

As you can see Dylan had a great time. This evening i let him stay up a bit later than normal and he had Chilli Con Carne for dinner with me and then played whist i watched some TV. He managed to walk the length of the 'playroom' from the gate to the patio doors and he was really pleased with himself. I will post some more video of him soon.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


I was! Yesterday Dylan decided that he could walk and walk he did mixed with quite a lot of falling over which he didn't mind too much. Today however he thought walking and falling over was for losers and crawling was much less painful. Perhaps tomorrow he will try again!

Monday, 23 April 2007

A walk in the woods

As usual i have been a bit slack on posting on here, now that the season has started I am so busy. Anyway over the Easter holidays we took the dogs up to White Ways which is a wonderful walk in a forest not to far from here. I was lovely weather and the dogs all had a great time. Fortunately Leslie was with me as i have a tendency to get lost up there as i like to follow the little paths and see where they lead to. He made me stick to the blue arrows so we didn't get lost. HOW BORING!

I had to put this picture on cause i think Tig is SOOOO hansom! Maybe i'm a bit
biased though!

This one is of Dan and Lex who just about made it round the woods, he only had to be carried a little bit!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Sun set over Easter

Whilst enjoying one of Leslie's finest Fillet steaks in the caravan I quickly jumped out to take this picture of the sun set. Cheesy i know!

Easter Eggs!

We spent Easter weekend on a sunny South of England Show ground and what a weekend it was. Tig's first run was the KC Novice Qualifier in which the top 2 dogs go through to the semi finals. I was a lovely course and i knew it would suit him if only i got it right.

It wasn't the neatest run as after the tunnel no words came out to send him on so he stuttered a bit until i managed to shout go on. I also almost over tightened him before jump 18 so that was slower than it could have been. When we finished he was leading the class however i had this niggling feeling that the small mistakes were going to cost me and i was right, he was pushed in to second place which meant he wouldn't move up to grade 6 however he was still in a qualifying position. It was a nerve racking hour with everything crossed hoping that he held it and he did a trophy, rosette, Easter Egg and a space at the Semi's were ours! Yippee. I can't wait to take him as i feel i learned so much taking Phoebe last year and now its time to really put that in to practice.

Saturday afternoon Tig went on to put in a very fast fun in Grade 4/5 Jumping which this time got him first place and another Easter Egg for Leslie!

On Sunday i was determined that he was going to go up to Grade 6 and to do so he needed a win in either agility or jumping, however i wanted it to be in agility if we could do it. Again he was fab and no errors from me this time, the video is below!

Some nice Dyl Pics!

Recently Dylan has become alot more mobile and with that we have faced some new challenges and i have just found some pictures on the camera that i meant to share with you.

And looking through these makes it so clear that he is not my little baby any more but a proper little boy!

Dylan's birthday, Granny Mo and too much cake!

I've been so bad at updating the blog recently that i forgot to put any news or pictures on from Dylan's first birthday. We had GG down to stay thats my grandmother and Dyls Great Granny hence the new name 'GG'. She stayed for 2 weeks and was such a help with Dyl who can be a bit of an handful at times. He is so attacted to me and having GG for 2 weeks helped him get used to staying with someone else. Also the house got a good clean and sort out whilst she was here which it deperatly needed!

Anyway the day befire Dyl's birthday we had a BIG surprise as my Mum walked in at 3 o'clock, quite unexpectatly although not to everyone elae of course as they all knew she was coming. I felt bad for Leslie as i'd given him a hard time when i thought she wouldn't make it and he still never said anything.

On the morning of Dylan's birthday we went to view and choose our photo's at Venture and all came away alot poorer although the piccies are so good you just can't say no. It has to be a one off though! In the evening we went to the Inglenook for tea.

Whilst Mum was here she happened to mention that she didn't want to be on the blog so i guess 'Oops' is all i can say!

The birthday boy was so good on his birthday and enjoyed watching us all make a fool of ourselves whist helping him open his pressies.

And he really loved his birthday cake!

But after a very long day Dylan felt that no more pictures were necessary!