Monday, 21 May 2007

Wine glasses, puppies, spots and flat packed furniture!

Wow what a hectic couple of weeks its been!

At Tunbridge Wells agility show Billy Qualified for day 3 of the Senior Semi's for Olympia. Top ten in each qualifier go through, but no not Billy he just goes and win's the class. Didn't put a foot wrong! I guess I'll have to admit that Leslie didn't handle him badly either! So Billy is only looking for one more agility win to put him advanced (grade 7), they went for it in the Grade 6 agility the next day but it wasn't to be and they were beaten in to 2nd place. Roll on Supadogs and fingers crossed they find that last win.

Tig had no problems running clear in 5 out of his 6 classes (and that was me being rubbish in the rain that resulted in him taking a pole). He was a superstar as these 5 clears resulted in FIVE 1st places and FIVE lovely wine glasses, shame about the pole as six glasses would have made a set! I have discussed with my husband that he has the last one for my set but he is not the sharing type! It was such a good weekend and I'm sure there won't be many like it, even Phoebe got an 8th in Grade 6 jumping! I wish i had taken some cheesy pictures of the dogs and their trophies.

We went to Lesley Oldens for our lesson on Tuesday and then went in to play with the puppies. They are getting big now and are a handful but very sweet!

Our other news is that FINALLY Dylan has chicken pox! On Wednesday i Front Lined the dogs, they were due but Dyl had little 'bites' on him so i thought they must need doing. On Thursday night when i put him in the bath i realised that they were not bites and he had about 10 spots. Friday was an OK day for him, i left him with Lizzie most of the day so he can't have been feeling too poorly, Friday night we didn't get much sleep and by Saturday morning he was COVERED in spots! So we decided that we would potter round the house and let him do what he wanted and hopefully he wouldn't be too poorly. I'm not sure this was a good idea as i think he was bored and was such a grump all weekend. Anyway one of the things we attempted to do was to build the two cupboards that i have bought, one for next to the PC and one for the playroom. Dylan wanted to help so he got a spoon ad a bowl from the kitchen and came and made a table.

needless to say the instructions were the only thing that came out of the box! They said it would take two people an hour and as well as a screwdriver you needed a hammer. So they quickly found their way to the spare room until such time as Leslie is able to take them up to his workshop and bring them back made. I thought it would be easy!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Big boy hair cut!

I know this was long over due however I didn't want him to have his hair cut and i managed to put it off as long as possible! We were in Chichester last week and i saw that Crowns wasn't busy so we went and asked if they could do it. So Dylan's first hair cut was in the poshest hair dresser in town and it cost £3! He was a very good boy and didn't cry but he did keep moving his head away and laughing, little monster. Here's the piccies as usual he's eating!