Thursday, 3 April 2008


Just a quick catch up with some lovely pictures. The rain has eased off a bit although when it does fall its still of the frozen variety. The dogs have had a lovely time in Edinburgh and been on some great, if not muddy walks.

I ache so i guess I'm not as fit as i could be, i think that is a new goal of mine but i guess we all think that. Maybe I'll be able to keep up with Mr Tig better then and Emmy soon cause she is flying. I never found any equipment so I just decided to let tig run up as many hills as possible so atleast he will be keen. He tried to scale the cairn on top of the hill today like an aframe so he's as bold as ever. Emmy hasn't done any dissapearing this week but i think she has run up those hills 100 times the amount she runs and never tires. They have been great fun this week and kept me smiling.

Hard work but satisfyinng!