Saturday, 20 January 2007


We had a very exciting time today visiting Lottie and Oakley's puppies. 9 bundles of blue and white/black and white fluff! They were very cute and Lottie is doing an excellent job with them, I'm sure they are going to be wonderful.
The pups were born on Friday 5th January they all have their eyes open now and are beginning to be able to hear as well so it wont be long before they are destroying Ashley's house.

As you can see it was still nap time when we arrived and they were all snuggled up in their whelping box.

I liked this white and blue puppy the most out of all of them, at first i wasn't keen on the white face but he had a really sweet face with nice soft eyes, just like a teddy bear. Definitely going to take after his sire as he was a very chunky puppy!

I also liked this puppy as he was nicely marked and quite slight and i think going to take after Lottie in build rather than Oakley.

Dylan has been a bit of a grump today so I'm sure his teeth must be playing him up. He had a very long sleep this morning but I'm sure that's because he was restless from about 4am onwards. He was a very good boy with the puppies and not TOO rough with the couple that we showed him, I think somehow he knows as if it was a toy you were passing him he would grab it and bash it but he reached out to the puppies and touched them and only had to be told to be gentle once. I have to say though whilst Mummy was busy picking her favourite puppy Dylan was busy picking his favourite biscuit from Auntie Ashley's biscuit tin!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Dylans pictures

I got some really good pictures this morning which is rare these days as by the time the camera takes the picture he tends to have shot off. Playing with a wizard hat this morning seemed to be a really good game!

Standing up seems to be the most important thing these days and it doesn't seem to matter who or what is in your way, just climb or lean over it!

A quick drink

We have been to a Childminders toddler group today and i just had to post this picture! For once my camera didn't let me down and took the picture quickly as i only just noticed what he was doing in time. It was very cute cause he was sucking to try and get anything from the glass. Bless! He really enjoyed the group as there was lots of children his own age for a change, although he is a bit of a thug. Too used to wrestling with the dogs!

Almost obedient!

I worked hard all week with Tigs obedience and i have to say it really payed off! I wish he was as good in the class as he is at home but thats the same as anything. He managed some nice heelwork with his proper hand touch but not when the other dogs are moving to - except at slow pace which was almost perfect! His recall was really good as we were facing away when we called them and he still managed to come in straight, its taken a long time to get that! and his retrieve was improved although we have a LONG way to go with that. He is fine when i sit on the chair but when i stand up i see it dawn on him at the last minute to slow down but its all to late! Very please with him.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

spell check

I have just located the spell check, as you can tell i need it as my typing and spelling are awful! The weird word on the first line should be serious!

Rain, rain and more rain!

I started this week with all good intentions and knew i had to start some seriour training with the dogs to get us all fit and ready for the spring but the rain has been so bad that you can barely walk in our field, let alone run.
I took Tig to Obedience training last night and it was fairly obvious that i hadn't done any training over the Christmas hols. Fortunatly most of the others were in the same boat. Tigs biggest problem is that he is SO over enthusiastic. I really must put some training in as i think he could be quite good at it and it all helps to keep him listening to me.
My eye has got worse so i went to the doctor this morning and came home with a bundle of antibiotics and a telling off. So i've started popping pills and fingers crossed it will be better soon.

Off to do a sun dance, or maybe some obedience in the lounge!

Monday, 8 January 2007

An eventfull weekend

Well it all started with the post Christmas party at Lesley Olden's shed. Lesley has just had surgery on her leg so it was all hands on deck to help out. Dylan however was not playing ball and i had to eventually wake him up at 9.15am so that i could get him ready. Leslie had gone on ahead of me to empty the equipment and roll the floor and by the time Dylan and I turned up things were in full swing.

Games started with 'guess the name?', musical statues (for dogs and people) and soon moved on to the faster relay races which involved tennis balls, potatoes and lots of laughs. After these the dogs were put away and we moved on to the very serious water barrel race. This involves two teams in a relay weaving in and out of jump wings pushing a water barrel in front of you. I'm sure Leslie takes this FAR to seriously but i guess thats just his competitve nature!

Following the barrel race we all tucked in to food provided once again by the wonderful Parkers who never fail to surprise. Managing to produce wonderful hot food on a cold day was exactly what we needed. Unfortunatly for me the rest of the day did not to go quite so smootly and an incendent between me Tig and a Father Christmas hat left me with 2 scratches under my eye and this morning a black eye. But this shall mend and for now make-up is doing a good job of covering it!

On Sunday we had our afternoon lesson in Lesley's shed which was fantastic and once again i was really surprised with what Tig could do. We came away with lots of positives and also some homework to do as both Billy and Tig were a but rusty on their contacts and 'here' commands. I just wish it would stop raining so we could get out in the field.

Dylan was a complete star all weekend, he takes it all in and he LOVES the attention from everyone. I have been really surprised by peoples reactions towards him as I was sure that most people would be of the opinion that children and dogs don't mix but Dylan certainly manages to covice them otherwise. Here he is doing his target training with his clicker.

I am extra impressed with him as tonight in the bath i noticed that he has cut 3 more teeth this weekend which we didn't know anything about. It is very quiet here now that Dot and Loobie have gone home. It makes our pack of 5 look small, but it has been nice to not be constantly hoovering up hair. Saying that all the dogs could definatly do with a bath so perhaps thats my job for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Yum Yum

Here's Dylan enjoying Auntie Lynn's lasagne which was left over from New Years Eve. He loves it!
Dylan is definatly feeling better from his ear infection as i havent seen him eat like this since before Christmas.

A family occasion

We have some guests this week, in the form of Dot and Loobie. Lesley is having an operation so we hope she gets better soon.

I love this piccie cause its 3 generations (sort of) our Fizz (left) with her auntie Dot (middle) and great aunt Loobie (right). They have really enjoyed warming themselves by the fire althought its like musical chairs as they cant stay long before they get to hot and have to move away.

I have been really pleased with all the dogs as they have all got on very well. Its a bit of a tight fit with 7 but we have had no fights and only a couple of curled lips from Dot who would like to let Charlie know who's boss in her pack.

Hello everybody!

Well we didn't want to be left behind! So this blog will be mainly about... US! that includes the dogs Charlie, Billy, Phoebe, Tig and Fizz and the humans Dylan, Leslie and Sarah!