Friday, 7 September 2007

Dylan and artificial colouring

Well just to keep up to date with the news about how they make our children hyperactive (tell us something we didn't know), Dylan decided he would have his own experiment.

So whilst i was stirring the play dough mix with the children he picked his moment and climbed up on the children's little table in the kitchen to reach a LARGE bottle of bright red food colouring. I'm not entirely sure what happened next but i heard the bottle drop on to the floor and when i turned around well you can imagine the rest.

Needles to say i was so busy getting the children out of the way, Dylan's clothes off and trying to mop up the red colouring on the floor (which looked very blood like) that i didn't remember to go and get the camera. So i'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination this time. Add to this that on the same day i had to take him for his passport photo's with two 4 year olds too and when we got back the freezer had defrosted all over the kitchen floor i'm not quite sure why they didn't cart me off in a straight jacket!

On a more positive note Dylan's language is brilliant now and we have lovely conversations about all sorts of things.
He knows 'gate' 'door' 'tractor' 'rabbit' 'charlie' 'tig' 'out' 'stuck' 'do it' and 'pop' (for ice pop -oops!)
I have say the funniest one is 'gate do it daddy tractor' which means he wants Leslie to take him up to the yard to play on the tractor which he wants EVERY night and Daddy is getting a bored of playing with the tractor. But it gives Mummy some peace and quiet!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Olympia here we come!

I can't believe that i haven't had time to post this but this week has been mad. Last weekend was the Novice Semi final for Tig and the last senior Semi final for Dot. We had planned to stay in a travel lodge rather than driving back but things happened to mess up those plans and we were not organised enough and our unusual dog sitter is on holiday.

Tig's day was first and he started the day coming 4th in the invitational, i have to say i should have tried harder, yes I'll be the first to admit i'm lazy but i put the work in when its required and Mr Tig is on his way to London at Christmas. So we drove home feeling very relieved that we had achieved our goal this year. Although Tig has well exceeded any of my expectations!!!

I was really pleased to get home nice and early on Friday to get Dylan sorted out and ready for yet another early start. The long drives and early mornings take there toll on him sometimes and he gets all out of his routine. He copes remarkably well with it but its nice for him to get home and have a nice play in the garden and a proper dinner, rather than bits of food passed to him in the car.

I don't think i thought too much about either Semi final i try not to else i get too nervous but i guess i was more worried about Dot, its been an unusual year for our partnership, recently i know that we had started to come together and then she cut her pad and couldn't run for a little while. She went well in the invitational and put in a nice clear but i came out not happy with myself so gave myself a good kick up the ***!
I guess you could say it worked, to come 2nd with her was amazing and i never expected it to happen. I was so pleased driving home, i just couldn't believe we had done it.

Sadly no pictures or video i think i probably gave Leslie a hard time for two days and i know he is way too nervous for me to film anything!

Roll on Olympia!