Thursday, 30 August 2007


We had a lovely bankholiday weekend and the weather was great. On Saturday i drove Katie and Phoebe to the junior show at Chippenham. It was a really nice show and well organised, i had a lovely day sitting by the rings and watching the kids run their dogs, there are some great partnerships out there whome i'm sure are ones to watch out for as they get older. She took a pole in the jumping and the last pole in the power and speed, but she really helped us out in the one dog 2 handlers by not noticing the handler switch and winning the class by a tiny amount. Sadly they were eliminated in the YKC agility, she was the last dog to run and there had been no clears but i think this was a bit to much pressure for her, its hard to get a 10 year old to remember that she's only been running the dog since March. She has done so well to get in to 3 finals with her and to win the Agility Club under 12's final. I am really pleased that she still has next year in under 12's as Phoebe is enjoying herself SOO much and they are such great friends.

Sunday was Bridgehouse show at Horsham Rugby Club, i'd never been to this venue before but it was very nice and the show was very well organised and nice and relaxed. So relaxed that we even took some video! All the dogs were good, Fizzy is making a few baby mistakes and watching what her Dad does just a little too much but she redemed herself in the Grade 3 agility by doing a nice training round and still getting 7th.

The wonderful Dennis took these piccies of her, I'm not sure how she ever thought she was going to make this one but she looks determined! I have to say she looks just as determined after knocking the pole down.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

KC festival, birthdays and ducks

The Thursday we drove to the KC festival was Leslie's birthday a bit of a shame to have to get up so early load the caravan and drive nearly 200 miles but atleast he didn't get a chance to be bored! On the friday we went out to the harvester with all our friends and had a nice meal, it was great because we ate outside and the kids all had a blast without annoying too many people! Leslie also celebrated on the friday as Fizz won Gr3-5 jumping which qualified her for the Novice Cup final on the Saturday.

Sadly for Fizz the Novice final proved just a touch too difficult for a 20mth old Gr3 dog but hey she did great to get there. Well done to everyone who qualifyed for crufts, especially Nancy and Mark who were the only 2 clears. Good runs!

Another little pup who was determined not to be left out climbed on the podium himself but sensibly he decided to settle for 3rd as the climb to 1st place seemed a bit scary!

Tig and I just weren't on the same planet for the KC Festival which resulted in handling errors all over the place, poor Mr Tig. However we managed to pull it out of the bag for his last class Gr 6 Agility which he won by 8 tenths. In the words of lisa WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! Mr Tig is now GRADE 7!!! Actually i don't think it has sunk in yet. Sadly there is no picture I NEED A DENNIS TOO!

But i did take some pictures of Spike for Bernadette

The Friday after the KC fesival was my birthday so Mum and I took Dylan to see the ducks in Arundel fortunatly we somehow managed to keep Dylan from falling in.


Some sad news for CROC fans
Dylans Crocs are now a whole size too small for him BOO HOO. They have however been replaced by a very smart pair or red shoes that FLASH. After all Winners wear red! PICTURES SOON promise!

Ok update coming up!

A quick update from right back at Agility Club show where Tig was 2nd in Gr6 jumping i was really grateful to him cause i was half asleep and he got me out of trouble. I need to wake up quicker in the mornings, oops. BUT even better Dot was 3rd in the Senior KC qualifier which means she gets to go to the last day of the semi's. Yippee! She ran brill not only that she did the course almost twice as first time round a dog joined her at the end of the dog walk (#13) so we had to restart FROM SCRATCH. At that point i could have cried as i hadn't expected to get it right and never thought i could do it again. Extra treats for Dot that day!

The following weekend was Burridge and at last some time on our hands to do some video's. We really enjoyed Burridge show, they ordered great weather and sitting around one ring watching was really good and relaxing too. I would only wish that i'd brought my orange fence with me so i could have penned Dylan in, anyone who saw me running up and down the road all day will understand why!

I'm not sure being so relaxed worked for me and Tig as we struggled to get much right but it was a good chance to train his contacts which were brill so i guess we still got something out of it. I also learned that i NEED to work on my tunnel call offs when i'm left behind, but i think a hundred other people might also feel the same.

Dot was good and put in a FANTASTIC clear in Gr7 agility but missed out on the places by 1 place. But i was really pleased with the round it felt really good to me.

And Billy well never thought i'd say this but he was the SLOWEST clear in Gr7 jumping, i like to keep pointing this out to Leslie to wind him up but actually he was one of only two people to go clear so he was very pleased with himself.

At the end of the weekend was the team relay which we entered with Pam and Karen who live in our village. I think it would be fair to say that we entered for fun, so much so that i entered Leslie with Fe not Billy (i wasn't popular for this decision, hehe). Well low and behold we were the only 4 clears which was amazing

On the Monday after Burridge i took Dylan and the minded children to a farm, i'm sure Dylan though the black calf was Charlie (our rottie) as he climbed on the fence, reached out to touch it and said 'arlie' which was cute and fortunately the calf didn't mind. He also got very jealous of me holding a chicken so the bigger children could stroke it which was very funny, poor Dylan. Here's a picture of him meeting Sweet pea i'm not sure what he made of her!

Here's some other pictures of Dylan enjoying the summer.