Monday, 29 October 2007


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One of those camera moments

Having read about Johanna's Soda jumping into the sink i think Emmy took a leaf from her book.
We got home from Downlands and she was very pleased to see us, it was a shame she couldn't come but lack of cage space and lack of excersize at the venue ment it was better for her to stay at home with Charlie.
Anyway she was hairing round the place like a hooligan and all of a sudden she ran in through the back door and landed right on the kitchen table. I wish i had a picture! Couldn't help but laugh as i wiped the muddy paw prints off!

Friday, 26 October 2007


Now its always nice to get a little something to remember a holiday by so i guess its about time i introduced Corriedhu Emmy.

I first contacted Laura about a month before my holiday but i never expected Emmy to still be there when we went up, infact there were other people interested but it must have been fate because she was still there and needed a home and some people to call hers. Emmy has a GEORGOUS temperment and a really good attitude towards life and most of all she LOVES a cuddle.

Lucky for us that she wouldn't work sheep else Laura would have wanted to keep her but she certainly will do agility and she loves her food and toy and she's begining to play tug loads now i will have to take some video cause i know it will make Laura cringe! Sheepdogs just are not ment to do that, but she loves it.

For now Emmy is just settling in and finding her feet, she is for Dan (Leslie's Son)and he's been playing lots of games with her this week. The serious stuff will start later, there is no hurry as this pair are lucky to start in Grade 1 so they can learn the ropes together. Although i think Dylan's trying to steal her, here's his first shot at training caught on camera (rare for me i know!)

Emmy is genetically 'NORMAL' and carries dilute so maybe one day i'll get a blue tri bitch after all.


The ordeal of the flight was worth it though as we had a lovely holiday, GG's granny flat is wonderful. Dylan LOVED his grandad who was named 'dad' for the week as apposed to 'daddy' who joined us after a couple of days with a few of the dogs for us to walk. This journey was made a bit easier by 'Vera' who we had enquired the week before. She looks abit dirty here but Leslie loves Black cars and she is pretty much everything we needed.

Leslie just has to find the time to make the cages now...

Sadly i didn't take any pictures whilst we were away so i will have to get my Mum to send me some. Usless i know but i don't have a Dennis! Perhaps he would like a holiday to scotland to take some nice piccies???

Here's a picture i took last week, shame about the red eye!

Scotland holiday - the flight

Well i don't think any of the passengers on the flight from Gatwick to Aberdeen will forget that flight in a hurry. I've always believed people when they have said that kids on airplanes cry because the pressure hurts their ears but now i know differently. Little boys just don't like to sit still, and Mummy's should not attempt airports on their own!
Leslie dropped us at Terminal 1 ages before our flight so with pushchair in one hand and wheelie case in the other i made my way in to the chaos. First problem, there is no one to talk to just computers! I'd never heard of checking in with a computer so that baffled me but i got my tickets and managed to keep hold of pushchair and case, phew. Now what everywhere said international and i knew i wanted domestic so i asked the guy checking in next to me and he said right at the end so push pushchair and pull case all the way down to the end of the building but it can't be right because that's arrivals. Maybe if you've flown lots you'll be thinking this sounds silly but at this point i was thinking this was not a good idea!
Anyway i eventually discovered that i you want domestic flights then you follow the signs for arrivals, silly me should have known! At this point Dylan was fed up but i manage to get rid of the case so that made life a bit easier, so i joined the huge ques for going through to airside.
I must admit at that point i breathed a sigh of relief and thought no problem I've got ages. The ques moved slowly and Dyls keep asking for OUT Mummy but all of a sudden a nice man opened up a side bit and let me through. Oh how nice obviously very helpful! Yeh right!
When we got down to the machines that scan the luggage it became obvious that he just didn't want me to hold the ques up because i had to take Dylan out of his pushchair and put pushchair folded up, nappy bag, handbag and mine AND Dylan's shoes on the rack. Then walk through and whilst holding Dylan unfold the pushchair (easier said than done) put Dylan in it, didn't want to keep holding everyone up so didn't strap him in (big mistake). I put Dyls shoes on, my shoes on, fixed nappy bag back on to pushchair. Phew so off we go!
Now the screen said we needed to go to Gate 5 but it was very early so off we go, outside the gate i got my phone to let Leslie know we'd made it and see if he had got out in time. That's when Dylan decided to make his escape, so he shuffles out of the pushchair and he's off. He can't go very fast but i have a new dilemma. If i let go of the pushchair to grab him then the whole thing will tip up as out nappy bag was full of books and toys for him. So i have to grab him with one hand and then keep the pushchair upright with my foot whilst i wrestle him in to it. Needless to say we ended up on the floor anyway with himself creating as he want to walk.
Everything else when fairly smoothly except having to change his nappy right by the gate whilst everyone was getting on the plane, but when needs must!
Once on the plane it became clear that Dylan needed a sleep but there was no way he would sleep so out came the toys and books. Within five minutes he was bored of these and we hadn't even taken off yet. He wanted to climb all over the seats but the seat belt sign was on and we kept taxiing down the runway waiting for our turn to go. After 20 mins we were off and so was Dylan screaming at the top of his lungs. That pretty much continued for the entire flight if he had to be strapped in except for when we were landing when it was 10 times worse!
So i have decided that it was not that the pressure hurt his ears it was his unhappiness about having to sit still in his seat that was the cause of the screaming and the cause of the very noisy flight to Scotland!

Sorry Nancy

I have to say sorry to Nancy for being a very bad blogger but i just don't seem to have time to sit down at the moment!

Here's some pictures of Dylan in his boat! It was the Sunday of Paws in the Park and we were home very late. He ALMOST fell asleep but i spoiled it by trying to get a photo and waking him up!

My indoor photo's are never a very good colour and just don't look at the state of the carpet!