Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Dylans famous bottom

Dylan is going to be in the paper! I was contacted by the observer as they wanted to do a feature for 'real nappy week' and it seemed i was the only one they could find who used 'proper' nappies all the time. That's a bit scary as i thought they were a bit more popular these days. It was quite difficult as the girl doing the interview had never seen a 'proper' nappy before so i had to give her a bit of a crash course and i hope she took it all in otherwise who knows what she will say! I also hope that i said all the right things as i would hate the article to put someone off.

Anyway amidst the usual chaos the photographer came yesterday and he has emailed me a couple of the shots which was great! here they are (photo's taken by Mr B Shimmin)

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dylan and his Grandad

Dylan's grandad had a sneaky visit a couple of weeks ago and i took this footage then. Fortunatly he's a long way away as i don't think i'll be thanked for this! But here goes anyway...

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Dylan's montage

I did this montage of Dylan ages ago and now i know how to put these on here i thought i would share it with you. I have another which i will post in a few days. Watching this i can't believe how small he was and how cuddly he was, not like now when his favourite things are biting and pulling hair. Enjoy!

Tigs training clip

Here's a clip of Tig training in our field on Saturday. This was the 2nd time of trying this course, first time his dog walk and recall through the weaves were slow, as he likes to consentrate on getting things right. I did a bit with the toy to speed him up in places and i was pleased with the result. There's a bit of dodgy filming going on at the weaves.
Thanks to Bernadette for the idea of putting Movie Clips on the blog, i hadn't realised it was possible.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Training in the sun

I cant believe the weather we have had today, considering the snow pictures from a couple of weeks ago! We got out in the field and did some training with the dogs which was great as we are a bit rusty and there is not much time to go until the season starts, in fact just 4 weeks today. Dylan came out to help us but fortunately he was tired so after helping us set the course and a few photo opportunities he went to sleep in the sun. After training Dylan and i took the dogs for a nice long walk and everyone we met commented on the fact his shoes and knees were covered in mud. But he loved his afternoon in the field.

What shall i try first?

Hmmm there must be a way in here somewhere?

Just how do you get up here? Will some one come and help me!

Oh get me down now i don't like it.

No I'm not scared the suns in my eyes!


We had some great fun at bath time last night! This picture took a while to get as sometimes we only had one hand on the bath and others he was trying to climb out but i think it turned out just right!

Here are some that weren't staged

Pictures in the snow

Its been a while since I've been able to post as Leslie fitted a new hard drive and I have had a few problems getting all my camera stuff back to normal again. But we're back so i thought I'd post some of the pictures i have taken recently.

We woke up one morning to find a wonderful sight in our garden. Agility equipment always looks so peaceful when its covered in snow, not for long though!