Thursday, 29 May 2008

Underground Ernie

you know your gonna get there EARLY............................

I'll let you in to a secret though, the reason Dylan is not in these photo's is because he was hiding behind me screaming!

There was Jubilee and Ernie 1

and even Thomas too much to Dylan's amazement!
and a little blue eyed dog who wanted to look cute in her pictures....

and a gorgeous boy.......

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sorry bad blogging

Sorry its been so long since i updated my blog. Here's some new pictures that might make you smile...............

Here's Dylan practicing his martial arts and Emmy practicing her agility on Tig

Tig and Emmy looking too cute

A family photo except Dyl had to hug Emmy before he would sit up!

Emmy learning that there is a time and a place to stop! Even if its just for a second....

She'd rather not though!

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Just a quick catch up with some lovely pictures. The rain has eased off a bit although when it does fall its still of the frozen variety. The dogs have had a lovely time in Edinburgh and been on some great, if not muddy walks.

I ache so i guess I'm not as fit as i could be, i think that is a new goal of mine but i guess we all think that. Maybe I'll be able to keep up with Mr Tig better then and Emmy soon cause she is flying. I never found any equipment so I just decided to let tig run up as many hills as possible so atleast he will be keen. He tried to scale the cairn on top of the hill today like an aframe so he's as bold as ever. Emmy hasn't done any dissapearing this week but i think she has run up those hills 100 times the amount she runs and never tires. They have been great fun this week and kept me smiling.

Hard work but satisfyinng!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

My man!

Sorry not hot gossip just the most beautiful person in the world.....................

Saturday, 29 March 2008

The rain

Yeah ok it rains everywhere but truly the rain here is evil. It waits until you get down the lane with the dogs and then it chucks it down and the wind howls. The rain is so cold and it comes at you sideways about 100 miles an hour. Ok that might be a bit exaggerated but you can imagine.

Bi product of all this rain is the constant wet dogs, I seem to be always drying dogs and cleaning the floor its a full time job.

On a good note I made some jumps today and found 12 electric fence posts for weaves. Tig thought i was a bit mad but he soon got into it and it was a good little training session. Emmy had a go but she needs to calm down and work a bit steadier, no one can learn anything going that fast!

Catch up

Sorry for being a bad blogger but most of my news is not able to go on here and I've been borrowing internet time from friends so had no time to write on here.

Whilst I've been gone Dylan had his second birthday. He is such a good boy and didn't really know much about it but we took him riding and he got his tractor so he was happy. I have vowed that next year he will have a party with his little friends where ever we are.

Dylan, me, Tig and Emmy are staying with my Mum and Dad for a while. Its nice up here and lovely walking but it is very quiet and I have yet to find anyone that might have equipment to hire :-( oh well Tig will be super fit if nothing else. Emmy has settled really well up here and has taken to my Dad so much so that she stays with him and doesn't play hide and seek or get up to trouble. This morning he was putting in some fence posts and she was out for 2 hours. I am parinoid that she will disappear but everytime i looked out the window she was right there. Here's the view from Mum's back door.

Its a lovely day here today so i am going to remember to take my camera out and get some good shots! I hope Dylan and I will be back down south soon and look forwards to seeing everyone then. Hope your all well xxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wot puppies

Wot puppies are of course Dot/Will puppies! They are so scrummy I could just eat them up!!! Dylan and I were privileged enough to be there on Sunday for the first 6 being born, however Dylan thought tea was more important so we had to come home and later on that night another 4 arrived! WOW 10 new Nedlo babies all black and white and an even split 5 girls 5 boys. Being as these babies are already known as the wot litter they will all have the word wot in their names so get your thinking caps on for that one my first attempt are Nedlo Wot You Like and Nedlo Woteva She Wants but I'm sure you guys can come up with better.

They are a lively little bunch even at 2 days old and remembering which one you have taken a picture of is impossible!