Saturday, 29 March 2008

Catch up

Sorry for being a bad blogger but most of my news is not able to go on here and I've been borrowing internet time from friends so had no time to write on here.

Whilst I've been gone Dylan had his second birthday. He is such a good boy and didn't really know much about it but we took him riding and he got his tractor so he was happy. I have vowed that next year he will have a party with his little friends where ever we are.

Dylan, me, Tig and Emmy are staying with my Mum and Dad for a while. Its nice up here and lovely walking but it is very quiet and I have yet to find anyone that might have equipment to hire :-( oh well Tig will be super fit if nothing else. Emmy has settled really well up here and has taken to my Dad so much so that she stays with him and doesn't play hide and seek or get up to trouble. This morning he was putting in some fence posts and she was out for 2 hours. I am parinoid that she will disappear but everytime i looked out the window she was right there. Here's the view from Mum's back door.

Its a lovely day here today so i am going to remember to take my camera out and get some good shots! I hope Dylan and I will be back down south soon and look forwards to seeing everyone then. Hope your all well xxx


Lorna said...

Don't get too wet!

Take Care and Hugs to Dylan

Lorna x

Anonymous said...

Hope you are keeping well. Can't you advertise on the forum for someone who might have some equipment you can use?


Hudsondoglets said...

Hugs to you all. Enjoy being with your family.


I'm Helen said...

Hi Sarah

It sounds a heavenly place - all remote and good for clearing the mind. That's sweet about Emmy and your dad. Bless.

Take care