Saturday, 29 March 2008

The rain

Yeah ok it rains everywhere but truly the rain here is evil. It waits until you get down the lane with the dogs and then it chucks it down and the wind howls. The rain is so cold and it comes at you sideways about 100 miles an hour. Ok that might be a bit exaggerated but you can imagine.

Bi product of all this rain is the constant wet dogs, I seem to be always drying dogs and cleaning the floor its a full time job.

On a good note I made some jumps today and found 12 electric fence posts for weaves. Tig thought i was a bit mad but he soon got into it and it was a good little training session. Emmy had a go but she needs to calm down and work a bit steadier, no one can learn anything going that fast!

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I'm Helen said...

I haven't had internet for several days so you can see i am catching up....Scottish rain takes some beating and so does anyone who dares to go out in it.....x